Non-profit 501(C)3
The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation invites you to the

43nd Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
September 20 - 28, 2019

2911 Stoney Run Road
Sugar Grove, PA

The information below will have minor corrections, changes,
updates or additions as more information becomes available.


Vennie Hotchkiss

Sherm Curry

Angela Jones

Pre-registration deadline August 20, 2019

Please register in advance if possible. It helps with deciding on number of port-a-jons, amount of wood, amount of food and other decisions.

--NMLRA members and spouse
or significant other - $50 each
--Non-members - $60 each
--Children 17 and younger - free
--Registration at gate - add $10
per adult
--Early set-up charge - $5/day per
adult if not pre-registered
--Trader fee - $50
--Commercial blanket trader - $20

For a printable pre-registration form from the NRLHF website,
click here.

Mail completed registration form with a check made out to

PO Box 376
Hershey PA, 17033

To register online, visit and click on
"Shopping Cart" on the menu bar. You may pay through a Paypal account.  Your paperwork will be waiting for you at the gate, or better yet, fill out a registration form and take it with you.
(Please note: To pay online you
must wait until after January 1, 2018.)

For more registration
information, contact NRLHF at:

Fax: 717-707-0718
NRLHF info:

For information about event
rules and regulations, ethics,
trade rules and other
information, please
click here.

To print a Gate registration form, please
click here.

The Eastern Primitive Rendezvous is an NRLHF Event.

Pre-registration ONLY
Make Checks Payable To: NRLHF and Mail To: P.O. Box 376, Hershey, PA 17033 To register on line through PayPal, visit, click on "Shopping Cart" and choose the appropriate options. Please print a pre-registration form, fill it out and take it with you to the gate. Checks must be postmarked and electronic payments must be completed no later than August 20, 2019.Pre-registrations received after the deadline will be returned to sender. Please pre-register so the staff will have an accurate estimate of the number of participants. In the event that someone does not attend the Foundation event for which he/she was pre-registered, he/she can request in writing a refund of the pre-registration fees within 30 days of the close of the event. Refund requests are to be submitted to the Business Office. A processing fee of $5.00 will be charged for all refunds.

Gate registration ONLY
Campers may enter the gate on the Wednesday after opening day for a fee of $40 per person, whether NMLRA member or not, and be allowed to camp for the duration of the event. They will have full rights including medallion, camp feast (if available) and competitions.

Early Set up - There is no time limit or set up fees Wed. & Thurs., Sept. 18-19. for campers who have pre-registered. Non-registered participants arriving before Fri. will be charged $5 per person per day. Gate hours are 8am - 6pm for early setup.

Rendezvous Rules are in effect from 8am Friday, Sept. 20 thru Friday, Sept. 27 at 7pm. Closing ceremony will be Friday Sept. 28 at 6 pm Camp meeting.

Pre-registered Traders may set up Tuesday, Sept. 18; however, you must set up in a designated "Sutler" area. Gate hours are 8am - 6pm.

Gate hours Sept. 21 through Sept.27 are 8-10am (vehicles must leave camp by 11am) and 3-5pm (vehicles must leave camp by 6pm)

Public days- Entire encampment will be open Saturday, Sept. 21 and Sunday, Sept. 22 from 10am - 4pm. Gate hours for participants are 7 - 9am (vehicles must leave camp by 10am) and 5-7pm (vehicles must leave camp by 8pm). We ask a donation of $5.00 for persons 13 years and older. Children ages 12 and younger and active military personnel with ID are free.

School day will be Tuesday, Sept. 24 from 10am - 4pm.

Camp Feast will follow the camp meeting at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, Sept. 24. Please bring a covered dish to share and a drink for yourself. Meat will be provided. The meal will be served per individual - please do not bring one large container for the entire family/camp. (Thank you)

A Partial list of NRLHF rules and regulations.
~Clothing lodges and accoutrements must be from the period 1640 - 1840 in North America. Absolutely no modern footwear or sunglasses, unless medically required. Eye and hearing protection is encouraged on the firing line only. Modern items (coolers, cell phones, cans, etc.) must be kept out of sight at all times. No modern weapons.

~No propane, kerosene, charcoal lighter fluid or similar flammable liquids will be permitted. Exceptions may be made for food vendors and handicapped participants. Propane containers must be kept out of sight at all times. Commercial food vendor equipment will be inspected by rendezvous staff for safety. Fire extinguishers are required by state law. Inspectors have the final word concerning safety. Information regarding food sales may be obtained by calling the Butler County Health Department at 724-287-1769.

~Handicap participants must abide by the rules as much as possible. Handicap carts and walkers area allowed. NRLHF follows ADA rules for service dogs.

~NO PETS are allowed in primitive camp. Pets in the modern camping area are subject to the NRLHF nuisance law.

~No other animals are permitted.

~Photography equipment must be covered when not in use. NO FLASH photography!

~Firewood, hooters, water and dumpsters will be provided. Trash must be in tied plastic bags.

~Dealers and possessors of Furs, claws, feathers, etc. it is your responsibility to confirm the compliance of goods with federal and PA game regulations. PA Game Commission 814-432-3187 or 814-432-3188.

~Conduct which disrupts the peace and order of the camp may result in immediate expulsion from the event. Stealing, fighting, or illegal drug use will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the event. Depending on severity, local law enforcement may be notified.

~The sale, trade or barter of alcohol is prohibited!

To view all of the NRLHF rules, regulations and Trade Policy please visit,

Modern Camping will be available. You need to check in at the Camp Office after registering at the gate. There will be a fee charged for electric and/or sewage hookup.

Fishing is permitted at the lake; however, gear must be period correct. No license is necessary. Canoes are allowed on the lake, at your own risk. Canoes must be either period correct or look period correct. There MUST be a PFD on board with you.

Emergency phone: 724-263-8946.
This is for family members to contact you
in case of an emergency ONLY.

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2019 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
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