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The National Rendezvous and Living History Foundation invites you to the

46th Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
September 22 - September 30, 2023



Vinnie Hotchkiss


Pre-registration deadline Sept 1, 2023

Please register in advance if possible. It helps with deciding on number of port-a-jons, amount of wood, amount of food and other decisions.

--NMLRA members and spouse
or significant other - $60 each
--Non-members - $70 each
-Children 17 and younger free
--Registration at gate Members $85 each Non-Members
$95 each and $5/day per adult if not pre-registered

Commercial Traders and
Commercial Blanket Traders
In 2023 the rules have changed. There will not be a Sutler / Vendor designated area and early Tuesday setup has been discontinued. Wednesday setup will be the standard and with individual registrations only, but you must mark on your registration form if you intend to sell goods. Since Trader fees have been removed both sellers must comply with trade rules.

For a printable pre-registration form from the NRLHF website,
click here.

Mail completed registration form with a check made out to

PO Box 5073
Statesville, NC 28687 and click on
"Shopping Cart" on the menu bar. You may pay through a Paypal account.  Your paperwork will be waiting for you at the gate, or better yet, fill out a registration form and take it with you.
(Please note: To pay online you
must wait until after January 1, 2023.

For more registration
information, contact NRLHF at:

NRLHF info:

For information about event
rules and regulations, ethics,
trade rules and other
information, please
click here.

To print a Gate registration form, please
click here.

The Eastern Primitive Rendezvous is an NRLHF Event.

Pre-register online at or send a check or money order along with your registration form to NRLHF, P.O. Box 5073, Statesville, NC 28687. Pre-registration ENDS September 1, 2023. Rendezvous fees include a medallion, events, competitions, camp dinner, and seminars ("make and take" seminars may have a small cost.)

Early set up begins Wednesday, Sept. 20 - NO early setup allowed prior to this date. The experimental Tuesday Registration for vendors or sutlers has been eliminated. An early setup fee of $5 per person per day will apply to anyone not pre-registered.

There will be a modern camp, no hookups. Public days 10am - 4pm, Saturday, Sept. 23, Sunday, Sept. 24. School day will be Tuesday, Sept. 26th We ask a suggested donation of $5 per visitor be given. Admission is free for children ages 12 and younger, active service personnel with valid ID and School Groups on Tuesday.

Gate hours are 8 a.m.-5 p.m. for early setup Wednesday, Sept. 20, and Thursday, Sept. 21.

On Public Days Saturday, Sept. 23 and Sunday, Sept. 24 participants may bring vehicles into camp for setup or tear down from 7-9 a.m. and must leave by 10 a.m., or 5-7 p.m. and must leave by 8 p.m.

On Non-Public days Friday, Sept. 22, Monday, Sept. 25, Wednesday, Sept. 27, Thursday, Sept. 28 & Friday sept. 29, participants may bring vehicles into camp for setup or tear down from 8-10 a.m. and must leave by 11 a.m., or from 3-5 p.m. and must leave by 6 p.m. Gate hours will be strictly enforced.

ALL clothing, lodges and accouterments must be in the 1640-1840 time period. Unless medically required, there will be no modern footwear or sunglasses allowed. Period eyewear is encouraged for those wearing glasses. Modern eye and hearing protection is strongly recommended on the firing line. All modern items- coolers, bottles, cans, plastic, CELL PHONES (with ringer turned off) etc., must be kept out of sight at all times. All photography equipment must be covered when not in use. NO flash photography. NO recorded music will be played after 7AM, Friday, Sept. 22, 2023

NO pets of any kind will be allowed in the rendezvous area except for horses or mules in the horse camp. The NRLHF follows ADA rules and regulations. (If you need clarification please call before you come)

Water, firewood, hooters, and trash pickup will be provided. Ice will be available for purchase. Fires must be attended at all times. A minimum of two gallons of water, in an open container, must be kept within five feet of the fire at all times. NO cutting of live trees. Fill and level all fire pits before leaving. Do NOT bury unburned wood or trash. Return all unused firewood to the nearest woodpile.

Stealing or fighting at any Foundation event will result in immediate expulsion from the event. Depending on severity, the local Law Enforcement will be notified. The sale, trade or bartering of alcohol is prohibited!

Parents are responsible for their minor children. The use of firearms, knife, hawk, or any other weapons without direct supervision of the responsible adult is prohibited. This includes practice shooting and/or practice blocks. The Range Officer's decision is FINAL.

Traders are responsible for all applicable permits, and licenses. Traders are responsible for collection of appropriate sales taxes. NO advertising on hooter fort walls. For questions regarding NRLHF trade rules (including the use of propane) see the trade rules sections of or contact a member of the staff.

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of traders and possessors of FURS, CLAWS, FEATHERS, etc. to be in compliance with New York State laws.

All NRLHF Rules and Regulations apply.
For a complete set of rules see: & Regulations.pdf

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2023 Eastern Primitive Rendezvous
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